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Placing an ad is simple. You must first register an account and activate it using the link we send to your email address you used to join. Anywhere though the site you will notice a red Post $1 Ads button, or a Post Free Ad button. This will take you to a page to enter all your advertising details. After submitting your ad info you will be directed to a page to upload all your ad images. At the bottom of that page click the buy now button and your ad will then be sent for verification and approval. Once approved your ad will go live and we will send you an email letting you know that your ad is up and running with a link to share your ad with anyone whom you chose. If you have any other questions please call our office @ 254-214-5738. Happy Ad Posting. Team
$1 for one month with up to ten pictures. I know. What a deal.
Yes, You do have the option to block your email address from your ads.
You ad will ramain on the website for 30 days unless you remove it.
Go to your manage ads page and simple press the delete button.
We sure are. As with any startup things take time to develope. With every spark of idea can bring amazing power.
We try to get approvals done as fast as we can. We shoot for less than a couple of hours but could take up to 24 hrs.
No. Once your had has been paid for and submitted for validation your can not change the ad. You can delete the ad and forfit your $1 and place another ad if needed (Yes it will cost you another $1).
Ads run for 30 days. After that the ad is only archived for the ad poster to repost if need be. If the ad is not reposted and/or the ad for some reason has been deleted or removed that ad will also be removed from users favorite and search list.

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The Spark

In 1995 the founder of (Micheal Dhane) purchased his first computer. From that day forward his life changed. He starting learning to program and eventually recieved his B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 2015
In November of 2018 is when the domain name was registered.

Tell Eveyone

You could have 10 Tesla cars to sell in your backyard and never sell one if you never tell anybody. Good thing we only charge a buck.